Starting life around 40 – New Beginnings

I just woke up from a little nap and as I woke up I felt the urge to write this blog..

What if we can really restart our lives around the age of 40 and 50 too.. I look back at the first 20 years of my professional life and wonder ‘what on earth was all of that!’ not from a place of regret but from a place of knowing more who I am now and what I was missing out on. I wasn’t aligned with my core values and what genuinely makes Me happy. Me being my heart, my soul, my mind! Yes, I have learnt from all of these years of being ‘out of alignment’ and it has served me however it has cost me a few things not truly listening to my body, intuition and heart and now at 38 years of age I do get those thoughts that creep in saying do I still have time to rebuild my finances? Do I still have time to connect with the man I know is waiting for me? Will my body still have enough vitality to live all the years I want to make up for.. And the answer is yes! As long as I truly want it! ┬áDoubt comes from fear and a disempowered place. And that its in my hands, heart and will to make things happen. My belief is our spirit is timeless and endless and we can therefore tap into our capacity and skills to renew our lives in all of these aspects and fully embrace a new life within our current lifespan embracing everything new and birth our new beginnings.